Brigade Interview 13/11/11


Brigade Interview at Glasgow's Stereo Bar 13/11/11



We recently caught up with hard rockers BRIGADE just before they hit the stage for yet another epic performance at Glasgow’s Stereo venue bar. 

The London based quartet who have been touring across the UK for their final tour, have been very excited over the release of their third album and they’ve got good reason to be! Not only have they released the new album independently, they joined forces with ‘Pledge Music’ to create a charity campaign to help fight breast cancer. In addition to such noble work, they made sure every Brigade fan out there, was able to get involved every step of the way.  


Despite the three-hour journey up north, shortly followed by a quick sound check, the lads were still keen to step aside for a few minutes and chat to YRock about the inner workings of the new album, the charity campaign, as well as their thoughts on the final tour:


YR- Hi guys, how are you all doing? 

Brigade –Very well thank you very much


YR- How was your trip up to Glasgow? 

Will- it was beautiful...the view up was lovely with the rolling hills in the sunshine,  I absolutely loved it .


YR- How was the weather during the drive up?

Will- The weather was good! A little bit cloudy but apart from that it was fine.


YR- A little bit cloudy is good enough for us! Now, let’s talk about your new Album: Will Be Will Be. What were the reasons behind the independent release? 

Will- Well, we’ve come to a point in our career after eight years in the game, where we’re sort of taking things really back to basics…we’re  putting on our own shows now and we’re pretty much managing ourselves. Our manager ‘s very busy now with his successful P.R company and it came to the point where we were thinking..’right, well how are we gonna release this?’…and we had just raised money through Pledge Music, which is an amazing campaign that you can do on-line and it was good that through Pledge fans also got involved with the making of the record. So in terms of releasing the album, we decided to go back and re-visit the home of Mighty Atom (Records) who released our first album and got them to add their name to it and put it out for us.


YR- Can you tell us a little more about charity that the Pledge Music Campaign helped raise money for through your album?

Will- We gave a proportion of the money to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research, which is a charity that we hold very close to our hearts. It was brilliant, because the album got sent out digitally to all the people that had pledged for it, and what we are doing now, is releasing it out publicly to everyone who wants a copy and haven’t got it.  They can for example, either get it through or the Might Atoms website.


YR- Right, and is there a separate release date for this one?

Will- Yes, well the Pledge copy was released out in May and this one will be out on November the 21st and the only difference is that this will be a full CD version with added documentary, that we did during a number of our gigs in London where we played all our albums in its entirety… so the documentary was filmed alongside interviews and that’s been put out alongside the music.


YR- There is a lot more fan interaction with this album as a result of the Pledge Music Campaign. Your fans were able to have their names printed on the credits of the album. We bet that there were a lot of names coming through from fans all over! 

Will-  It’s been amazing… that’s all of it done now on the album but yea we had it all printed out on the CD, we had a whole page of the booklet with loads and loads of names, and those people have been in touch with us since saying ‘ names on the album! This is amazing!..’ It’s good that they feel like a part of it, for them to invest so much in your band and then to actually  take something back that’s very personal about, its great.  everything from signed set lists to hand written  lyrics sheets to acoustic downloads where we offer tracks as a thank you for pledging.


YR - That is a really unique way for a band to get fans on board! It has definitely got Brigade a lot of recognition for the campaign, the charity and the album as well…

Will - I think people have appreciated that we have made the effort for everyone that supports us and we hope they know that.


YR- Back to the album now, have you all got a favorite track that is on it?

Andy- For me its ‘The Beating” it’s just the way how it came about to really easily…

Will- …Some of the songs that are the most satisfying are the ones that come together right at the last minute and we end up questioning if they’re good enough for the album…but you sort of know that you believe that they’ve got potential and we literally did that with the song “The Nothing Something Comes”  …we literally put that one together a week before hitting the studio!


YR- How has touring been so far, what are your thoughts and feelings about the Final Tour?

Will - This tour has been up and down, on one hand its been really exciting to come out and play one more time and have that sort of sentimental fare wall but at the same time, it is sad that we have almost come full circle round with the band and are back to where we started… so it’s a mixture of emotions but the people that have come to our shows have been incredible and passionate… where they’re rocking with us and singing along. We had a great show in Leeds last night and it shows how you can’t predict how great some shows will be. For example a few years ago we played here at the Cathouse and it was an amazing show and you can’t take that for granted with your fans and now these people that are coming out and making the effort to come to the last tour… its great to have them with us and its all been wonderful. 

Andy – The actual proper Brigade fans have made it really clear in terms of heading to our shows, which is really great. They’re rocking the Brigade T-shirts and singing along to they’re favorite songs…it’s been absolutely fantastic. 

Will- …..And Alex who has joined us as the bassist, its his first tour with us and its been really amazing for him to come out and see the response of our fans as well… we’re really lucky.


YR- Well based on the fact that this is the final Brigade tour, are there any plans in the future for the band… any comeback in mind? 

Will - Well we’re very excited to getting it right with Alex, so we’re definitely going to go away and were gonna recoup and write and see what happens… and we may find that it doesn’t really feel like Brigade or it might sound like something else… you know but, we’re definitely not quitting, we’re gonna continue to write and do the odd London show and you never know what will happen in the future…

Andy - Never say never!

Will- Ha ha, yea never say never! I mean we’re definitely committed to doing the ten-year anniversary show in 2013; we’ll be looking forward to that one! If we also get the opportunity to come back either by supporting another band that’s touring round the country, then we would love to come back to Glasgow to play more shows sometime in the next year or so. Glasgow’s had some great shows…

YR- Well regardless of when, we’re sure that Glasgow would love to have Brigade back!

Brigade's new album 'Will be Will be' is out now! Click the image to purchase via Itunes download:album


Interview by Sasha Mazhar with Brigade


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